About Helix BioPharma

Who We Are?

We are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing unique therapies in the field of immuno-oncology for the prevention and treatment of cancer based on our proprietary technological platform DOS47.

DOS47 – Confirmed Mechanism of Action

Our Technology


Patented oncology platform technology to destroy cancer cells.


Designed to induce an increase in tumor pH.


Combat tumor acidity and restore immunity.

Wah Wong (left) analysing protein expression data using the Guava® flow cytometer and Baomin Tian (right) analysing images of protein samples in SDS-PAGE gel on Bio-Rad Gel Doc™ XR+ system.

Baomin Tian removing unreacted reagents from a protein conjugation reaction solution with a G20 desalting column.

Wah Wong checking the growth of tumor cell culture under the microscope.


Iain Wilson replacing a check valve on the Acquity UPLC, part of the Waters Xevo G2QTof mass spectrometer system

Wah Wong pipetting culture medium into a 96-well tissue culture plate inside a biological safety cabinet.

Baomin Tian analysing mass spectrometry data, mapping peptides from protein samples, on a Waters UNIFI workstation.

Iain Wilson streaking a LB-kanamycin agar plate with E. coli cells that were transformed with plasmid DNA inside a biological safety cabinet.

Wah Wong (left) analysing protein expression data using the Guava® flow cytometer.

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